An invitation to go on a remarkable voyage : the new circuit at Biarritz’ Sea Life Centre takes you along the Gulf Stream to discover the Bay of Biscay sea floor right along to the warm waters of the Caribbean and Indo-Pacific!
One of the highlights: the only hammerhead sharks in France can be seen in Biarritz!
These magnificent hammerheads swim in a giant 1,500m³ tank alongside thirty-or-so other sharks and rays creating their own majestic ballet that will take your breath away!
A Caribbean lagoon and its mangrove will whisk you thousands of kilometres away from the Basque Coast! Wonder at the bustling life of the coral reefs: clown fish, sea anemones, moray eels… A multitude of fish with dazzling colours and amazing shapes that swirl and twirl before your very eyes!
The seal pool situated on the panoramic terrace is another highlight of the visit. Don’t miss the fun of feeding time: every day at 10:30am and 5pm. This wonderful show will enchant both children and adults.
Also discover the Cetacean gallery and rooms to find out more about the history of whale-hunting in bygone times.